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Thank you for visiting our site and allowing me the opportunity to tell you who we are at the Vincent K. Blair Agency, including a little bit more about myself:

I am a native of Quincy, Illinois who graduated from Western Illinois University with a bachelor’s in business in Managerial Accountancy. For a while I sold life insurance with Metropolitan Life Insurance and Massachusetts Mutual. It was there that I began to see the “mess” in health insurance for those not covered by their employers’ group policy. Many of my clients were asking about health insurance during my life insurance presentations. They were having difficulty finding quality insurance with affordable premiums. I discovered that many were paying for poor quality health insurance policies!

Furthermore, I found people being rejected for coverage because of simple issues that I knew I could clear up. Even if they were accepted by a plan, it wasn’t the best plan possible for them in many instances, although they didn’t know that. These clients needed guidance and advice from a knowledgeable, caring health insurance professional. My life changed when I decided to become that health insurance professional.

Today our clients come to us and they stay with us. I am proud to report that we often hear comments such as:

“No one has ever explained health insurance the way you have!”

“This makes so much sense!”

“Why doesn’t everyone do it (health insurance) this way!?”

We have become experts in providing our clients with the best health insurance information possible. We take pride in the way we educate clients about their options. Health insurance plans should be easy to understand and make sense to you!

I am fortunate to have a very talented agent to help serve our clients, Kevin Mullins. Kevin and I are dedicated to bring the best products and service to you. Kevin is well informed of the issues facing the public today. We are eager to serve you in a relaxed, helpful, and professional manner. In addition, our Office Manager, Phyllis Leigh is here to help facilitate a seamless health insurance application process.

Can we help you? There is no pressure. We just ask that you listen to what we research and present to you. Then, decide for yourself. You’ll discover it’s the clearest and most practical health insurance information you have ever received.

Thank you - Vince Blair

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