Group Health Insurance Alternatives: Could individual policies save you money?

Are your group health insurance premiums going up at work? You might save money, and keep the same level of protection, by dropping your group health insurance coverage and purchasing your own individual plans – either for yourself, your family, or both.

Because many group health plans offer benefits that aren’t relevant to your situation, you may be paying unnecessarily. At the Vincent K. Blair agency, we’ll develop a customized plan specific to your specific health insurance needs.

Give us a call today if:

  • You have only 1 or 2 children
  • You’re paying more than $650 mo.
  • You don’t need maternity benefits
  • You’re healthy
  • You take little or no medication

If you live in Missouri or Illinois, contact the Vincent K. Blair Health Insurance Agency today at 314-961-7777 and I will explain all your options to you.

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