Rate Guarantee

You can lock in Health Insurance Premiums for 2 to 3 years!

In this environment of ever- increasing health insurance costs, there are now policies that offer to lock-in premiums for up to 2-3 years. This can be a significant advantage for our policyholders. Very simply, your health insurance premiums will not go up for 2-3 years under these plans.

Who benefits most from a Rate Guarantee Health Insurance Plan?

Most health insurance policies today guarantee your initial premium for 12 months. This makes the offer to guarantee premiums for 2 or 3 years look most attractive. But it has even greater impact when a health insurer’s premiums are the most competitive in the first place. Imagine: the health insurance you buy today is not only one of the most competitively priced, its rates are guaranteed for 3 years!

Though the 3 year rate guarantee is offered to all policyholders, we have identified the age group and health status that would benefit most for this truly one-of-a-kind offer.

  • Ages 60 – 65
  • Individuals with deductibles of $2850 or higher
  • Families with deductibles of $5700 or higher
  • Good health with no ongoing prescription medications

For the individual or family that is looking for health insurance coverage with excellent benefits, and wishes to keep their premiums lower by using a higher deductible, you simply must consider this 3-year rate guarantee option.

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