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  • Home - Family and Individual Health Insurance Quotes. Servicing the St. Louis MO Metropolitan area.
  • About Us - We have become experts in providing our clients with the best health insurance information possible.
  • Products - We are brokers, so we are familiar with the many health insurance options that are available.
    • Family and Individual Insurance - There are many plans available and you may be pleasantly surprised with the coverage and affordability that many plans offer.
    • Age 50+ - Interested in an insurance plan that covers wellness visits and routine screenings for no extra cost.
    • Young Adults/Students  - The good news is that premiums for young adults and college students health insurance are very attractive even with co-pays.
    • Children Only - Have the confidence when choosing your child's health care that the policy you choose will cover visits, prescriptions, emergency room, and hospital bills.
    • Short Term Medical -   If you are between jobs, on COBRA, waiting for employer coverage you may be interested in Short Term Medical Insurance.
    • COBRA Alternatives - Having your own individual or family health insurance as an alternative to COBRA provides many advantages.
    • Health Savings Account Plan - Health Savings Account plans combine a lower cost, high deductible health insurance plan with a tax-favored savings account.
    • Health Savings Accounts - More information on setting up a bank account where you pay yourself part of the premium!
    • Dental - Dental/Vision coverage for individuals and families can be quite reasonable when using a "discount" plan.
    • Accident Policy - Accident coverage can be a wonderful addition to your family's health coverage, especially if your health insurance policy has a deductible of $2,000 or more.
    • Rate Guarantee -  There are policies that offer lock-in premiums for up to 2-3 years.
    • Agent of Record - Contact Vincent Blair if you never had an agent, or don't feel you’re getting the service you deserve from your current agent.
  • Blue Cross Agent - Protect yourself with Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield individual health insurance in Missouri and Illinois.
  • Health Insurance Missouri - Shopping for health insurance in Missouri? Read this first...
  • Affordable Child Health Insurance New healthcare law will impact child-only policies but they are still affordable!
  • Buying Health Insurance in St. Louis from State Farm? It's really just Assurant!   
  • Health Insurance St Louis - Better get health insurance St Louis!
  • Individual Health Insurance in St. Louis - Individuals who are not covered by group plans really need their own policy.   
  • Individual Health Insurance Plans - Portable and affordable individual health insurance plans for you and your family.
  • Higher Insurance Deductibles- Learn about getting an affordable insurance policy through higher deductibles.       
  • Applications - Anthem, Coventry One, United Health Care, Assurant Health, United Health One.         
  • Provider Networks - Health Link, BlueCross BlueShield, Great West, United HealthCare, GHP, Assurant Health, United Health One.
  • Forms - Applications and Change Forms.
  • Testimonials - Testimonials from Vincent K Blair's health insurance customers.
  • Vince's Blog - Discussions about affordable health care and insurance options.
  • How to Find a Trustworthy Health Insurance Agent - Find out if your health insurance agent in Missouri or Illinois has a valid health insurance license.
  • Contact Us - For safe and accurate information, contact us and we can get you an accurate quote in about 10 minutes of your time.


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